b2box 5.13.6

Release date: Monday 20th November 2017

UI improvements

1. Scripts Service


  • Improve the performance of the script’s details form.
  • Add a helper and a validation error to prevent a user to add a . in a script’s name.


  • If a script’s description has a value in the user’s profile language, display this value by default.
  • Fix an issue with the language selector’s input in the ‘Edit details’ tab.
  • Do not disable the button ‘Edit’ when a script has unsaved changes.
  • Fix the compatibility with the browsers IE10, IE11 and Firefox.
  • Fix an issue with the update of the multi-language description.
  • Do not display a confirm modal and do not disable the service’s refresh button if the user leaves the service and there are no unsaved changes.
  • Fix the closure of a tab with several opened tabs.
  • Update the last modification info after duplicating a script.


  • Change the default name of a duplicated item.
  • Update wordings.
  • Sort by default the scripts by alphabetical order.

2. Reports Service


  • Disable the service’s refresh button if there are unsaved changes.
  • Display a confirmation modal if there are unsaved changes and if you close a tab or quit the service.
  • Sort dynamically the list after adding, renaming, duplicating, updating or importing a report.
  • Prevent the user from adding a . in the report’s name.


  • Fix issues with tabs navigation.
  • Fix issue with incrementing name during duplication.
  • Update the last modification info after renaming or duplicating a report.
  • Fix issues with form’s validation.
  • Do not disable the button ‘Edit report’ in the tab ‘View’ after that a data recalculation has failed.

Documentation update