b2box 5.15.5

Release date: Monday 30th April 2018

Fix the upload of the adapter Workflow

[JIRA ticket 1099, JIRA ticket 1272]

When a user uploaded a file using the workflow To validate, if the filename contains a coma or a + character, it will split the attachments into several parts and generate invalid URIs.

Fix the workflow watchdog

[JIRA ticket 1284]

Do not throw an error when a work item is being completed while the watchdog is running.

New Groovy DSL

[JIRA ticket 1282]

Creation of a new Groovy DSL to give access to the user’s organisation positions and permissions. You’ll find the documentation here.

[JIRA ticket 1289]

It is now possible to have several OrgPath elements defined for the same document. You are now able to filter and view the same document for users who belong to different organisation trees, for instance, a supplier user and a customer user.

You’ll need to update the file [Documents Configuration].b2box such that the path of the searchable OrgPath is /MessageInfo/OrgPath//text().

     <EN>Organizational path</EN>
     <FR>Chemin organisationel</FR>