b2box 5.17.0

Release date: Thursday 28th June 2018

Fix the instance’s startup

[JIRA ticket 1328]

Fix a fatal error in the service Charges which causes the instance to stop on startup when it was trying to connect to the Amalto private blockchain.

Fix the adapter File System

[JIRA ticket 1342]

Fix a Null Pointer Exception when using the service URI transformer name.


A new page Getting an access token has been written to explain how to get an authorization token to use the Platform 6 REST API.

The section Groovy DSL has been moved up in the folder hierarchy of the documentation. You can find it now at the root of the section User guide.

A new section API Bus has been added to present the Platform 6 Bus API provided by some services.

A new guide has been written to help the IEs during migration.

Groovy DSL


[JIRA ticket 1361]

Fix the method control.call.


A new DSL service and new methods have been provided to list and perform request/response exchanges with deployed Platform 6 services. Read the documentation for more information.


A new method table.upsertRecords has been created to upsert records in a table. Read the documentation for more information.

Creation of new services


A new service named Routes has been created. This service is a tool to manage the lifecycle of Camel routing rules via startup when deployed in production, or under the control of a developer working on a new solution.

It can be used as a replacement for the following b2box5 legacy features:

  • Routing rules
  • Scheduler adapter
  • File system monitor
  • Custom receive servlets

Please read the following chapter Routes guide for more information.

Routing orders

Another service named Routing orders has been created. It will replace the current web app on the old UI which will be removed in the following releases.

So please start as of now to use the new version of the Routing orders on the Portal and if you have any query, contact the R&D team.

You’ll find here the user guide of the service.

Small improvements


[JIRA ticket 1340]

Display a more user-friendly error message on the messages search.


Add the table’s id in the name of the file containing the exported records of the table: table_{TABLE_ID}_data_export.xlsx.

Improvement of the services UI

For all the services


  • Encode a service item identifier in each API call.
  • When the user closes the form with unsaved changes, it should display a warning pop-up.
  • Update the form such that the form’s data are not overwritten when the user switches the instance.

Service Charges



  • Add a label No service selected in the service target select.

Service Data Models



  • When one double-clicks on a data line, it should open the form and not the view.
  • Display a message in the view of the data model if there is no schema.


  • Increase the width of the edit form fields.

Service Scripts



  • Add a keyboard shortcut (Shift + Cmd + s) for the Save all feature.


  • After an autosave, the cursor should not move to its old position.


  • Use the new UI template.

Service Tables



  • Change the colour of the button Save into orange.