Stripe payment guide

This service is named stripe and uses the software platform Stripe for online payments.


If you have the permission stripe=*, you can have access to all the functions mentioned below.

Stripe account

First, create a new account on the Stripe dashboard.

Stripe dashboard

View the dashboard

To access the dashboard, you need to have the permissions stripe=view and stripe=read.

Enter the Stripe API keys to register the account on the Portal. You can copy the API keys on your Stripe dashboard.



You will no longer need the API keys again, unless the Stripe account is removed from the Portal.

After you’ve registered, you will see some of your account’s details, the bank accounts added and your customers’ list.


Edit the account

To edit your account, you need to have the permissions stripe=*.

You can delete a customer’s account and remove the Stripe account from the Portal.

Payment workflow

Scripts to import

You need to import the following scripts:

Permissions and organisations

  1. You need to have the permissions:

    • to be assigned to a payment work item: workflow=role('Invoice Payers')
    • to be able to pay the invoice: stripe=pay
  2. You need to be assigned to the organisation path written in the workflow step (eg: /dev-v51/Branch A).

To change the organisation path and the permission assigned, update this line in the workflow step:

<Assignee name="Invoice payers" path="/dev-v51/Branch A" type="UNIT" scope="workflow=role('Invoice Payers')">

Invoice payment

Once you have imported all the scripts and given the right permissions, reprocess the invoice. It will create a work item and you will see the payment form on clicking on the button Pay.

Workflow Item

You’ll see the invoice’s details and you can choose to pay with a credit card or by ACH.

If there is a Loading error, when you open the form, that means that the Stripe API keys have not been entered in the service’s configuration. You need to fix this on the Stripe dashboard.

Credit card

You can create a new credit card: VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club or JCB.

Then you can choose to save it or not. If yes, the card will be added to the saved cards and you will be able to select it next time. If no, you will have to create a new card next time.

You can choose the amount you want to pay, but it has to be under the initial amount.

Credit card

Automated Clearing House (ACH)


The Automated Clearing House payment method can only be used if the Stripe account’s owner has a US bank account!

You can create a new bank account.

Once you’ve created it, verify the bank account. You can only use it if the verification has succeeded. If it has failed, contact your bank.

You can choose the amount you want to pay, but it has to be under the initial amount.


After the payment

Finally, the invoice is updated with the new status Paid.

You can change the invoice updating in the script WF_Update_Invoice_After_Payment.