Get the portal


GET /apis/v2/{SERVICE_ID}/portal


Get the user interface’s script of a service.


The user needs to have the permission:



No additional parameters.


HTTP code Reason
200 Success
304 Not modified
403 Unauthorized
500 Unexpected exception

When the query is successful, the HTTP response is a 200 OK and returns the script as a plain text:

/******/ (function(modules) { // webpackBootstrap↵/******/ // The module cache↵/******/ var installedModules = {};↵/******/↵/******/ // The require function↵/******/ function __webpack_require__(moduleId) [...]

If the request is called again and the script has not been modified, it will only return an HTTP 304.

If the user does not have the right permissions, the HTTP Response will be a 403 Unauthorized:

    "status": 403,
    "code": 403,
    "message": "You cannot get the portal of the service reports: permission 'reports=view' is missing.",
    "link": null,
    "developerMessage": "Mission permission 'view'.",
    "conflictInformation": null