b2box 5.16.0

Release date: Thursday 24th May 2018

Fix the Swagger authentication

The Google extension which eases the Swagger authentication has been fixed. Read the following documentation Tokenator to learn how to use it.

Fix some Groovy DSL


[JIRA ticket 1308]

Fix of the method syncAssignees() and creation of the method syncInlineAssignees().


[JIRA ticket 1310]

Fix of the method message.validate().

Creation of the Charges service

A new service named Charges has been created. It reads the common messages sent through the Platform 6 bus and processes each charge message, pays costs and updates the local audit trail.


The user guide is still being written. It will be available shortly.

Creation of an internal documentation website

A private documentation has been created for the R&D team and the IEs: https://documentation.internal.amalto.com/internal/.

Minor branding of old UI

[JIRA ticket 1317]

Rebrand the b2box UI with an Amalto logo, to somehow lessen the visual gap.

Update of the public documentation

A new section Release notes has been created and the section Internal has been moved to the internal documentation.

Improvement made to some services

Bundled resources service



  • Display the name and the size of the file attached to the bundled resource.


  • The content is saved in another property of the bundled resource.

Scripts service



  • Display a message if nothing is received from the server during logs scrolling.

Tables service



  • Display the number of records for each table.
  • Add a button Reset in the forms.
  • Allow the user to rename a table in the edit form.


  • The search input is not visible when the opened table has a lot of columns.
  • When a filter is applied to the tables records the Delete all button still deletes ALL the table data. It should only delete the rows present in the search result.

Renaming of the common message’s headers keys

The common messages headers keys expected by some services have been changed to follow a new naming convention. You’ll find some of them listed here.