Home pages guide

This service is named homepages and allows creating and visualizing home pages.

To see the Home menu entry on the Portal, you need to have the permission homepages=view.


If you have the permission homepages=*, you can have access to all the functions mentioned below.

A Platform 6 home page is a dashboard where you can see a compilation of frames, reports and counters. See Frames guide, Reports guide and Counters guide for more information about how to manage them.

A configuration is a home page layout.

View the home pages

To read all the home pages, you need to have the permission homepages=read. Otherwise, you cannot read the data.

If your permission has parameters: homepages=read('Home page 1', 'Home page 2'), you will only see the frames Home page 1 and Home page 2.

When accessing the Home pages service, you will first see the dashboard.

You will be able to select one configuration from the one you have access to with the select input on the top left corner of the service.

If you see a home page’s name or a blank space instead of the select input, it means that you have only one configuration or none.


On the top left corner, if you have access to multiples home pages, you will be able to select the home page you want to see. You will always see the last home page you have visited when accessing the service.

Customize the home pages

To customize the home pages, you need to have the permission homepages=customize-own.

To access the customization mode, you have to click on the Customize button on the top left corner of the dashboard.



All the actions you will do on a customization won’t affect the default configuration.

A module can be a report, frame or counter depending on what you have access to.

What’s a custom configuration ?

It is a home page configuration saved for the user only.

What’s a default configuration ?

It is a home page configuration saved on the server.

When you are customizing a home page, you have some action that you can do, which are:

  • Add a module
  • Move a module
  • Remove a module
  • Choose a module dimension (height and width)
  • Save the configuration
  • Reset configuration
  • Restore to the default configuration

What’s the difference between reset and restore ?

  • reset cancel every unsaved modification to the last custom configuration saved or to default configuration if there is none.

  • restore will get back to the default configuration.

Edit the home pages

To edit the home pages, you need to have the permission homepages=edit.


To access the grid you will have to click on the Configure home pages button on the top right corner of the dashboard.

To be able to add reports, frames and counters you will need the permissions: homepages=reports, homepages=frames and homepages=counters.



The home page’s name and the English description are mandatory and cannot be empty.

You can edit the home pages by changing their name, description and layout.

The edit panel is divided into two parts:

  • The information about the home page
  • The configuration


You have the same interaction with the configuration as for the customization except that:

  • reset cancel every unsaved modification.
  • restore isn’t here because you are interacting with the default configuration.


Remember that instead of the customize part, each saves will affect the default configuration.