Workflow Steps user interface

This service is named workflowsteps and allows to configure a workflow process by editing Workflow Steps (via an XML configuration).

To see the Workflow Steps menu entry on the Portal, you need to have the permission workflowsteps=view.


If you have the permission workflowsteps=*, you can have access to all the functions mentioned below.

View the workflow steps

To read all the workflow steps, you need to have the permission workflowsteps=read. Otherwise, you cannot read the data.

If your permission has values like this: workflowsteps=read('Step 1', 'WF Step B'), you will only see the workflow steps Step 1 and WF Step B.

You can view a workflow step configuration by double-clicking on the line associated with the workflow step. If you have edit permissions (see below), a double-click on a line will directly open the edit form of the workflow step.

View a workflow step definition

Edit the workflow steps

To edit the workflow steps, you need to have the permission workflowsteps=edit.

You can update the workflow step’s name and description.


The workflow’s name and the English description are mandatory and cannot be empty.

Edit a workflow step definition

You will also be able to edit the workflow step definition, which is an XML configuration. You can find more details on this XML configuration here.


If you update the service’s database (eg: create a new step, update a step …), you’ll need to restart the service using the service lifecycle header.