Install a Platform 6 instance


This section is meant to guide Application Developers, Publishers and User who want to install their own instance of Platform 6.

Platform 6 instances run on Docker: a few containers – core, database, blockchain clients… A set of scripts is available to help you manage the Docker containers.

Please follow the instructions of the Platform 6 install repository.


The provided release of Platform 6 is in beta and there may be stability issues. Please inform us of any problem.

Once your local instance is running, you can access the Portal on http://localhost:8480/#/ with the credentials given by


Migration of all features to P6 Portal is not completed yet, so some of them still require to use the old user interface. Connect to http://localhost:8080/b2box to access them.

Any trouble installing a Platform 6 instance? Check the encountered issue in Troubleshooting.