Manage Bundled Resources

The primary purpose of this service is to allow an Application Publisher to build an Application that includes a custom Java archive (WAR or JAR).

Other uses of this service include embedding configuration data for the Platform 6 Tables service as .csv or .xls files for example.

The Install and Uninstall scripts of the Applications service use this service to deploy/un-deploy Bundled Resources and process the resource content as required.


A Groovy DSL called bundled is available for use from these scripts.


To see the Bundled Resources menu entry on the Portal, you need to have the bundledresources=view Permission.

List Bundled Resources

The Portal presents the user with a list of Bundled Resources.

List of available bundled resources

Edit a Bundled Resource

Double-clicking on a row gives access to the details of the selected Bundled Resource.

A Bundled Resource has a target where it can be deployed and un-deployed under the control of this service (i.e. via the application scripts DSL).

A bundled resources's details

The target roots available are:

  • ${B2BOX_DATA}
  • ${TMP}

Additional properties associated with each Bundled resource provide the processing scripts additional information.