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What is Platform 6?

Welcome to Platform 6!

Platform 6 is the easiest way for Developers, Startups, Integrators and IT Groups to build enterprise-class decentralized applications related to structured business document exchanges.

One can leverage Platform 6 to create and run any kind of B2B application involving data exchange between systems, orchestration and workflows… But what makes Platform 6 very special is its unrivaled value proposition to anyone willing to build blockchain-based decentralized applications for the enterprise world. If you are about to start developing such an app:

  • pick your preferred blockchain framework,
  • develop your smart contracts
  • and leverage Platform 6 to handle all the off-chain pieces of your application.

Platform 6 aims at providing native and easy access to all major blockchain frameworks, alleviating the need to develop specific interfaces. Ethereum is currently supported and Hyperledger Fabric will come next. Quorum, Stellar, Qtum, Neo, R3 Corda and others will also be added.

Leverage Built-in Services

Platform 6 built-in services

Actually, beyond the blockchain piece itself, a lot of off-chain components and features have to be combined to create a blockchain-based entreprise-class decentralized application (user management, workflows, orchestration, data management, interactions with the chosen blockchain framework, system integration, user interface, API…).

So far, Developers had to build such applications by assembling series of open source or commercial components and gluing them together with their own code – making it a complex and time consuming endeavor, requiring a lot of development and testing. Thanks to Platform 6’ comprehensive set of tools, services and features, developers can build decentralized applications in days or weeks instead of months.   

Distributable Applications to your Business Network

High Level Architecture

Application publishers can now use Platform 6 to develop their apps, package and distribute them. A packaged Platform 6 app can easily be installed and run on any Platform 6 instance.

Typically, every organization participating in a business network would run its own Platform 6 instance, and install one or multiple applications to issue transactions on the business network’s distributed ledger.

Amalto the organization behind Platform 6, provides additional services on top of the platform most notably a unified user interface to access various instances called the Portal.

However, all of Platform 6’s services are exposed through a REST API, therefore you can have your own user interface leveraging its capabilities.

This site offers all the documentation in a single place to cover the needs of Application Developers, Publishers and Users.