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Email Guide


The Platform 6 Email service sends mail messages to mail recipients.

The service uses JavaMail API to send messages. This API is configured using a number of documented properties. Technical details of all possible JavaMail properties can be found here.

In addition, Platform 6 used the following additional properties:


Mail service properties are stored in collections called Email Profiles. Each profile can be configured for a different email provider.

When sending mail via this service you can specify a profile to use. Alternatively, the service will use the default profile if none is specified.

A mail message can consist of a single message body or be composed of several parts (mail attachments). The structure of a mail is expressed as a common message and send to the mail service via the common message bus.

For more information about the user interface, read the guide Email Profiles user interface.

API configuration examples

JavaMail with Gmail

Using TLS connection

Key Value Gmail mailbox address Gmail mailbox password
mail.smtp.auth true
mail.smtp.starttls.enable true
mail.smtp.port 587

Using SSL connection

Key Value Gmail mailbox address Gmail mailbox password
mail.smtp.socketFactory.port 465
mail.smtp.auth true
mail.smtp.port 465

JavaMail with Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

Generate SMTP credentials (username and password) online using your AWS console.

Key Value SMTP username SMTP password
mail.smtp.auth true
mail.smtp.ssl.enable true
mail.transport.protocol smtps
mail.smtp.port 465
mail.smtp.connectiontimeout 10000
mail.smtp.timeout 10000

JavaMail with Google SendGrid

Key Value Sendgrid username Sendgrid password
mail.smtp.auth true
mail.smtp.port 2525


You send emails with the Scripts service using the email DSL.