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Email Profiles User Interface

This service is named email and allows editing email profiles.

To see the Email Profiles menu entry on the Portal, you need to have the permission email=view.


If you have the permission email=*, you can have access to all the functions mentioned below.

View the email profiles

To read all the email profiles, you need to have the permission email=read. Otherwise, you cannot read the data.

If your permission has parameters: email=read('Email Profile 1', 'Email Profile 2'), you will only see the email profiles Email Profile 1 and Email Profile 2.

You can view a email profile by double-clicking on the line associated with the email profile.

View a email profile

Edit the email profiles

To edit the email profiles, you need to have the permission email=edit.

You can update the email profiles’ name and description.


The email profile’s name and the English description are mandatory and cannot be empty.

Edit a email profile

You can add properties and set the profile as the default email profile.


There can only be a single default email profile! Therefore:

  • When you duplicate a default email profile, it creates a new regular email profile with its properties inherited from the original profile which remains the default one.
  • When you import a default email profile, the imported profile will become the new default profile.
  • When a default email profile is imported through the installation of an application, the new profile will keep the default property provided that none of the existing profiles has been selected as the default.