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Bundled Resource


Bundled Resources service actions. A bundled resource is either a JAR file or data file (CSV, Excel) that is used by Groovy scripts. They are uploaded in the Portal, and can be packaged in an application.

Resource deployment will create a target file using the bundled resource’s definition and copy the content into the file. Un-deployment will ensure the file is removed.

A resource’s id consists of the application key and the bundled resource’s name separated with a dot ..


Binding name: bundled

Method: boolean isDeployed(String resourceId)

True if the bundled resource has been deployed, false if it’s not deployed or if it doesn’t exist.

Method: boolean deploy(String resourceId)

Deploy the bundled resource identified it’s id.

Method: boolean undeploy(String resourceId)

Undeploy the bundled resource identified by it’s id.

Method: Map<String, String> resourceProperties(String resourceId)

Get the properties associated with a resource identified by it’s id.

Method: String[] listResources(String appKey)

Get a list of all defined bundled resource ids. The list is filtered if the appKey argument is defined.

  • If the application key is null, it will return the whole list of bundled resources.
  • If the application key is empty, it will return the Platform 6 bundled resources.
  • If the application key is not empty, it will return the bundled resources associated to the application key.


println "Resources:\n" + bundled.listResources()

println bundled.resourceProperties("MyTestResource")

println "MyTestResource deployed? " + bundled.isDeployed("MyTestResource")

println "Deploying..."

assert true == bundled.isDeployed("MyTestResource") : "Deployment failed!"

println "Undeploying..."

assert true != bundled.isDeployed("MyTestResource") : "Undeployment failed!"