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Monitoring is available in a distinct web application using Hawtio.

You can now access your monitoring console via the URL:



Hawtio - Login

To access the Hawtio console you need to log in using your P6 Auth credentials. Your account needs the [hawtio=*] permission.

Note: It could take some time once logged in to display the management console while the JMX MBeans are being scanned.

Disable authentication

To disable authentication create a file inside the p6core_data/conf folder.


If you want to turn on the authentication, remove this file or set the hawtio.authenticationEnabled variable to true.

Management screens

Once connected you can access multiple screens like:

  • Camel
  • JMX
  • Runtime


Hawtio - Camel

You can view inside the Camel entry menu multiple information about the Camel Contexts:

  • the routes
  • the endpoints
  • the components
  • and the MBeans

Cf. Route Guide for more information


Hawtio - JMX

JMX (Java Management Extensions) is a Java technology that supplies tools for managing and monitoring. Using the JMX entry menu will give you access to a list of MBeans you can manage or monitor. You can also perform some actions depending on the MBean you select.


Hawtio - Runtime

You can view inside the Runtime entry menu the following information:

  • System properties (read only)
  • Metrics, about the JMV and the System in live mode
  • running Threads