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P6 Core 5.19.1

Release date: Thursday, 4th October, 2018

Documentation can be found here.


  • When items are imported into a service, if they are unpackaged (ie: they have an empty application key), their application keys will be overridden with the application key selected by the user.
  • Documentation for Workflow step invocation has been updated to explain how to call a packaged workflow step.

Bug fixes

Web3j component

The web3j component has been upgraded to the 3.5.0 version to prevent the web3j component event listener to fail and throw exceptions if the Ethereum node is restarted.


It looks like the Java classes generated by web3j no longer compile after the upgrade! You must re-generate the classes with the new version of web3j.

Workflow routing

A script can now be executed by a workflow through a route.

See an example below:

        .when(xpath("/MessageInfo/LastStatusCode='Awaiting Documents'"))
            .throwException(com.amalto.b2box.core.api.B2boxException, "No matching rule found for item!")

For more information about the parameters, have a look a the Workflow step invocation section.