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P6 Core 5.20.1

Release date: Monday, 29th October, 2018

Documentation can be found here.

Bug fixes


The error status code has been updated when packaging an application with an already used version and status.

Bundled resources

  • The bundled.listResources method has been fixed, it doesn’t throw an exception anymore.
  • The bundled.isDeployed method returns now the correct resource status.
  • The deployment has been fixed:
    • a bundled resource deployed many times will not lose its content.
    • if you update a bundle resource’s property on the UI (except the attached file), the deployed file won’t lose its content.
  • You can now update an un-packaged resource when the selected application key isn’t the Platform 6 key.
  • The UI field Target path was misleading as it implies you simply enter the folder’s name and it will create the file with the same name it was uploaded with. Since this is not the case, the label has been renamed Target file path.


The link to the Platform 6 UI components documentation has been fixed in the Platform 6 UI Components section.


The Transactions service correctly lists now the packaged views.


New DSL methods

New methods have been exposed to manage a service execution lifecycle (start, stop, restart and get status). You’ll find the documentation here.


Bundled resources

The bundled.listResources has been improved. It filters now the resources if the appKey argument is defined.


  • It has been specified in the Package a P6 App page that the uninstall script is run BEFORE the items un-deployment.
  • The Platform 6 clients have been renamed Platform 6 connectors.


    Platform 6 clients projects have been deprecated, any new development will be done on the Platform 6 connectors repositories.

  • You’ll find a link to our Platform 6 official Github repository in the Community section.


Display the route’s template and script segments in the View tab.

Routes View tab