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P6 Core 5.21.1

Release date: Wednesday, 15th November, 2018

Documentation can be found here.

Bug fixes

Email service

According to the machine’s performance, the Email service could fail at the instance start-up. The SMTP transition adapter would have been shut down and you could see the following error in the logs:

2018-11-15 15:22:47,719 ERROR [com.amalto.b2box.adapter.logging.LoggingAdapter] (LoggingAdapterQueuePoller) Logging consumer thread error! (
com.amalto.b2box.core.api.B2boxException: Unable to find the adapter 'smtp' in the Adapter Registry
    at com.amalto.b2box.core.impl.routing.ActiveRoutingOrderCtrlImpl.requestAdapterInvoke(
    at com.amalto.b2box.core.impl.routing.ActiveRoutingOrderCtrlImpl.executeASynchronously(
    at com.amalto.b2box.core.impl.routing.ActiveRoutingOrderCtrlImpl.executeASynchronously(
    at com.amalto.b2box.core.impl.routing.RoutingEngineCtrlImpl.route(
    at com.amalto.b2box.adapter.logging.LoggingAdapter$

Now, the Email service’s initialisation has been fixed and you can use it without problems.

Transactions DSL

The transaction.p6projectAndRoute works now with a packaged data model.


transaction.p6projectAndRoute(transactionInfo, 'p6_demo.TransactionInfo', ipk, 'direct:p6router.p6_demo_Hub')