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P6 Core 5.22.0

Release date: Thursday, 29th November, 2018

Documentation can be found here.


New Groovy DSL

  • A new Groovy DSL named pidxrnif was created to exchange PIDX payload using RNIF envelopes. It’s meant to replace the current RNIF adapter which will stay available for a while.

  • New email DSL methods were implemented to send emails.



  • The platform6.request.user parameter is no longer required in a route’s script deployment.
  • The Name column header in the Active Routes list was renamed into Id.


The script’s application key is now specified in the logs message which marks the start of an execution:

Example: Execution starting for p6_demo.Receive_RFQ_Transaction

Bug fixes

Export transactions to Excel

The transactions export to Excel was reinforced for big volumes.

Groovy DSL

  • The control.moduleNames DSL method was fixed.
  • The documentation for the PDF DSL was corrected: for the split() method, the persistXml parameter was replaced by destinationUri.

Applications UI

  • You’ll no longer have issues with the cursor when you’re updating the middle of a value in a form input.
  • The applications can now be sorted (by name, versions, date …) in the main grids.
  • Some wording in the French jobs descriptions were rewritten.

Packaged items

Some issues about packaged items were fixed:

  • The watchdog is cleaning again the workflow tasks created from packaged workflow steps.
  • The content mode of a packaged script is not changed after a first change.
  • You can now fetch the HTML content of a transaction with a packaged script.
  • You can now specify a packaged data model in the workflow step XML configuration node TransactionDataModel.