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P6 Core 5.23.0

Release date: Wednesday, 2nd January, 2019

Documentation can be found here.


New Camel components

Two new Camel components were implemented on Platform 6.

See the P6Ftpd and the P6Sftpd sections for further information.



Export service items

Exported packaged items will not have their name prefixed by their old application key (eg: [p6_demo] My item).


  • Listing and updating the packaged services items in an application is much faster.
  • When you package your application, the values of the selected services items are updated just before packaging. You can also trigger the refresh with the Update service’s items button.

Home pages

The module’s identifier displayed on a home page is replaced by the module’s description.


Active routes can now be sorted.

Workflow Tasks

  • You can now delete a workflow tasks bundle.
  • You can also apply an action to a bunch of workflow tasks. See the conditions in the Workflow Tasks guide.

Workflow Tasks multi-delete

Bug fixes


The application packaging takes now into account the minimum instance version.