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Why use Platform 6?

Application developers

Platform 6 offers the following benefits to developers:

  • Productivity & efficiency - P6 offers a comprehensive set of technical, blockchain and business services to quickly build Apps with enterprise-class features and user interface
  • Flexibility - Beyond the inherent flexibility of built-in services, Developers can also create custom services using their preferred language and a custom UI (leveraging APIs)
  • Free of charge - P6 is free for Developers
  • Embedded revenue generation - App Publishers can collect and redeem P6 Credits

Application users

Companies leveraging Platform 6 to run one or more applications also benefit from the following P6 intrinsic qualities:

  • Stability - Platform 6 has been in production for years and leveraged by large corporations
  • Scalability - Platform 6 is supporting B2B applications dealing with high transactional volumes (some applications with over 1 million transactions per year) and hundreds of users
  • Adaptability - Combining the capabilities of a middleware and a workflow engine, Platform 6 can adapt to specific processes and seamlessly integrate with the existing landscape