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The appconfig service allows the management of Platform 6 application configuration.

Configurations can be packaged into applications and it is recommended to mark them as readonly. Therefore the only way to define a custom value is by overriding the default value. Overrides will persist even when application are uninstalled.

To see the Configuration menu entry on the Portal, the appconfig=view permission is required.

For a summary of permission names and uses related to this service, please refer to this section.


If you have the appconfig=* permission, you can have access to all the functions mentioned below.

List and view configurations

To list and display all configurations, the appconfig=read permission is required.

List application configurations

Edit a configuration

To create, update, rename or duplicate an configuration, the appconfig=edit permission is required.

A user should not be able to edit or delete a bundled configuration. For that reason, we recommend not to set the content mode to EDIT when selecting for inclusion in an application.

A user, according to his permission, can create configurations that are not bundled.

Double-click on a row or click on the pen icon to edit an configuration under development.

Edit application configuration


The configuration‘s name and the English description are mandatory and cannot be empty.

Override a configuration

You can override the value of a bundled configuration by clicking the update action button in the value column. This value will override the default one from the application. Also, this value will persist in database even if the application is uninstalled.

Configurations that are not bundled cannot be overriden and have to be edited to be updated.

Override application configuration


You can define an empty value for a configuration entry. But if you want to delete an override, click the delete button.

Import and install a configuration

The appconfig=edit permission is required to import, install or uninstall a configuration.