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The applications service allows managing Platform 6 applications:

  • packaging apps
  • installing packaged apps
  • uninstalling packaged apps

To see the Applications menu entry on the Portal, the applications=view permission is required.

For a summary of permission names and uses related to this service, please refer to this section.


If you have the applications=* permission, you can have access to all the functions mentioned below.

List and view applications

To list and display all applications, the applications=read permission is required.

Edit an application

To create, update, rename or duplicate an application (in the ‘Application under development’ section), the applications=edit permission is required.

Double-click on a row of the table display of the ‘Applications under development’ section or click on the pen icon to edit an application under development.


The application‘s name and the English description are mandatory and cannot be empty.

Package an application

Once you have entered or updated all the app header fields (Name, Version, Status,…) and selected all the service items you want to include in your app, you can save it.
And once saved, you can package it easily - just hit the blue button in the ‘Actions’ column.

Please read the Package a P6 App section for additional information.

Import and install an application

The applications=edit permission is required to import, install or uninstall an application.

Automatic process

When installing an application, the indexes creation job for the View and TableData items will be launched automatically.

When uninstalling an application, those indexes will be dropped automatically.

Please read the View and View Index sections.