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Bundled Resources

The primary purpose of this service is to allow an application publisher to build an application that includes files (CSV, Excel, WAR or JAR …).

Other uses of this service include embedding configuration data for the Platform 6 Tables service as .csv or .xls files for example.

To see the Bundled Resources menu entry on the Portal, the bundledresources=view permission is required.

For a summary of permission names and uses related to this service, please refer to this section.


The Install and Uninstall scripts of the Applications service use this service to deploy/un-deploy bundled resources and process the resource content as required.


If you have the bundledresources=* permission, you can have access to all the functions mentioned below.

List and view bundled resources

To list and display all bundled resources, the bundledresources=read permission is required.

List bundled resources

If your permission has values like this: bundledresources=read('Bundled Resource 1', 'Bundled Resource 2'), you will only see the listed bundled resources.

You can view a bundled resource by clicking on the magnifier icon in the ‘Actions’ column.

View a bundled resource

Edit a bundled resource

To create, update, rename, duplicate, export or import bundled resources, the bundledresources=edit permission is required.

To delete bundled resources, the bundledresources=delete permission is required.

Double-click on a row of the table display or click on the pen icon to edit a bundled resource.

Edit a bundled resource

A bundled resource has a target where it can be deployed and un-deployed under the control of this service (i.e. via the application scripts DSL). The target roots available are:

  • ${P6_DATA}
  • ${TMP}

Additional properties associated with each bundled resource provide the processing scripts additional information.


If the bundled resource is a jar file it will be added to the classpath and the java classes inside will be loaded automatically when deployed. However they will not be unloaded when undeployed. If you need those classes to be unloaded, a restart of Platform 6 will be mandatory.


As a reminder, the ‘Save’ button merely saves the bundled resource but does not deploy it! Please refer to the next section for bundled resource deployment.


A Groovy DSL called bundled is available for use from these scripts.