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Permission Sets

A permission set is a group of permissions meant to avoid having to assign multiple permissions to each user. A permission set is defined and assigned to a user on a specific P6 instance. Thus if a user has access to instances A and B and has been granted a PS1 permission set on instance A only, the permissions contained in PS1 won’t apply on instance B.

A permission set consists of:

  • A Name (required), which has to be unique on the instance and will be displayed on the Portal
  • A Description, to provide more details on the permission set.
  • An Enabled switch, to activate/deactivate the permission set (default: true). If disabled, the permission set exists but can’t be assigned to a user and will be removed from the user’s permissions.
  • A list of permissions (at least one required).

The Instance Admin permission set contains a single *=* permission providing access to all menu entries, services and features. The first user of an instance is granted an Instance Admin permission set.

This section explains how to manage Permission sets.

Create a new Permission set

Click on the Administration menu entry and then on the Permission sets tab.

Permission sets

Click on the Create permission set button.

Create a new permission set

In the example above, “Execute scripts” Permission set groups the following permissions: scripts=view, scripts=read and scripts=run.

Manage a Permission set

The Permission sets tab lists all the Permission sets you are allowed to see and also allows you to create and edit… provided you have the permission to do so.

Permission set


You can perform actions on the Permission sets by right-clicking on the cards.

Delete a Permission set

It is not possible to delete a Permission set as long as it is still assigned to one or more users. If you want to delete a Permission set, you will first have to de-assign it from all concerned users.

Edit a Permission set

All the details of a Permission set are editable.

If you rename a Permission set, you don’t need to re-assign it to the users who already had it, but you may need to update some Permission sets that would reference the renamed one.

For example, you may have a Permission set allowing users to manage other users and assign them a subset of existing Permission sets via the permset=read('PermissionSet1','PermissionSet2') permission.

Duplicate a Permission set

Duplicating a Permission set creates a new one with pre-filled data from the original.

Export a Permission set

A right-click on an expanded Permission set card, will allow you to export it as a JSON file. Permission sets can be imported with the blue button next to the Add button.

The Export/Import feature is very useful if you want to replicate Permission sets from one instance to another one.