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User Interface

This service is named views and allows to configure the Transactions and Work Items display.

To see the Views menu entry on the Portal, you need to have the permission views=view.

For a summary of permission names and uses related to this service, please refer to this section.


If you have the permission views=*, you can have access to all the functions mentioned below.

List the views

To read all the views, you need to have the permission views=read. Otherwise, you cannot read the data.

If your permission has values like this: views=read('View 1', 'View 2'), you will only see the views View 1 and View 2.

You can visualize a view by clicking on the eye button on the line associated with the view.

Visualize a view

Edit the views

To edit the views, you need to have the permission views=edit.

Double click on the view associated line to access the edit form. You can update the view’s name and description.


The view’s name and the English description are mandatory and cannot be empty.

Edit a view

You can type a view: Transactions or Workflow Tasks. According to its type, the view is used either by Transactions or by Workflow Tasks.

You will also be able to edit the XML definition (more details here). It is validated on the save by the Views service configuration loader.

The view is not saved if the XML is invalid.

Invalid view


If you update the service’s database (eg: create a new view, update a view …), you’ll need to restart the Transactions service using the service lifecycle header to take the changes into account.

Index the view

When editing a view you have access to an Index view data button. If it’s active then some modification on the indexes are required on the database.

When clicked, it will start the indexation process, deleting the previous unused indexes, and creating new ones.


In any case you can force index creation by clicking the orange Force index view data button.


If there is already a job creating the indexes for that view, an error message will be displayed.