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Call and list views.


Binding name: p6.view

Method: List<String> listAll()

Return all the views name.


If the item is related to an application the name will be

Method: List<String> list([String appKey])

Return all the views name of an application. If no appKey is given or empty, only the unbundled views will be listed

Method: String get(String viewName [, String appKey])

Return the xml definition of a view.

Method: void update(String viewName [, String appKey], String viewXml)

Update the xml definition of a view.

Method: String updateIndexes(String viewName [, String appKey])

Start the indexation job for the view. An P6Exception is thrown if the job is already running for this view.


The views are cached in the Transaction service and cleared after restarting. To restart the platform6.views and platform6.transactions services take a look to the Service DSL


def view = p6.view.get("myView");
p6.view.update("myView", view.replaceAll("Fee", "Foo"));