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Monitor a P6 instance


Monitoring is available in a distinct web application using Hawtio.

You can now access your monitoring console via the URL:



Hawtio - Login

To access the Hawtio console you need to log in using your P6 Auth credentials. Your account needs the [hawtio=*] permission.


SSO authentication is not available for this service. Your are required to define a password by editing your profile here before being able to login.


It could take some time once logged in to display the management console while the JMX MBeans are being scanned.

Disable authentication

To disable authentication create a file inside the p6core_data/conf folder.


If you want to turn on the authentication, remove this file or set the hawtio.authenticationEnabled variable to true.

Management screens

Once connected you can access multiple screens like:

  • Camel
  • JMX
  • Runtime


Hawtio - Camel

You can view inside the Camel entry menu multiple information about the Camel Contexts:

  • the routes
  • the endpoints
  • the components
  • and the MBeans

Cf. Route Guide for more information


Hawtio - JMX

JMX (Java Management Extensions) is a Java technology that supplies tools for managing and monitoring. Using the JMX entry menu will give you access to a list of MBeans you can manage or monitor. You can also perform some actions depending on the MBean you select.


Hawtio - Runtime

You can view inside the Runtime entry menu the following information:

  • System properties (read only)
  • Metrics, about the JMV and the System in live mode
  • running Threads