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Transaction Analytics

Transaction creation and update events are fundamental to the calculation of charges for the use of Platform 6 in a production environment.

These events (Transaction Analytics) are collected at runtime and transmitted periodically to the Platform 6 Hub. To ensure full traceability of transaction event volumes, daily accumulators are also held within each Platform 6 instance.

Amalto will levy a small charge on each transaction created and a smaller charge on each transaction updated


Please see the current charging tariff available on the Platform 6 website

In addition to the base charges applied by Amalto, an App Developer may apply additional charges to transaction events generated as part of their App execution.

Additional App charges will be advertised by the App Developer and will be itemised on invoices raised through the use of Platform 6 in a production environment.

Access to the Platform 6 Hub

The license terms of Platform 6 mandate periodic access to

If this is not possible for long periods, a Platform 6 instance will notify a nominated ‘Instance Administrator’ via email.


The accumulation of transaction analytics caused by an unreliable connection to the Platform 6 Hub will, over time, seriously degrade the performance of a Platform 6 instance.