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Transaction Analytics Troubleshooting

All Platform 6 instances must periodically connect to the hub to transfer transaction analytics.

In a production environment, it is essential that analytics transfer is possible. Uncorrected long term connection problems invalidate the Platform 6 terms of use.

Host Access

The hub hostname is:

Access to the host can be confirmed using ping on the same host as Platform 6 is installed:

ping: cannot resolve Unknown host

This shows a DNS problem. We recommend using the CloudFlare DNS server on

Please seek help from you local SysAdmin to help resolve DNS issues

Port Access

The port that is used for connections is: 6651

Once you have confirmed you can ping the hub, you can try and connect to port 6651.

You can test this using telnet on the same host as the Platform 6 is installed:

telnet 6651
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
telnet> quit
Connection closed.

Alternatively you can try connecting to this URL in a browser:


It will not display a WEB page but will indicate if connection was possible

If neither method succeeds then it is likely a local or corporate firewall is disallowing access on port 6651 and you should seek help from you local SysAdmin to resolve the situation.

Log File

Check the Platform 6 log file for ERROR or WARN log entries; especially when the platform is starting. A correctly configured Platform 6 instance does not generate ERROR logs.


You will usually be asked for log file data to support any issue raised via a Platform 6 support channel

Platform 6 Support

If you are still experiencing problems please consider our standard support channels:

Where to get Support