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P6 Core 6.0.0-alpha-4

Release date: Thursday, 11th of April, 2019

Documentation can be found here.


Application Configuration DSL

A new DSL was added to ship application configuration in a P6 app.

Enhanced Email DSL

The email DSL was enhanced to allow sending HTML emails.

P6 Sync Endpoints & Documentation

You can find the documentation of P6 Sync here.


Library Upgrades

Here’s the list of libraries that were upgraded and that might impact your scripts:

  • Apache POI for manipulating Microsoft Office documents was upgraded to version 4.0.1.
  • Apache Camel was upgraded to version 2.23.1.

App Profile File Simplified

The redundant property publisherAppKey was removed. With this change, application packaging is now stable enough to be production ready. You should no longer expect breaking changes on that front.

B2GUID Removed

If you use B2GUID in your scripts, please use java.util.UUID instead.

message DSL Binding Removed

Please use transaction in your scripts instead.

Bug Fixes

This release contains many bug fixes, here’s the full list:

  • The critical bug related to thread management in Camel was fixed.

  • It is possible to use 2 scripts that have the same name from 2 different apps without conflict. Therefore, whenever you want to include a class coming from a script in a different app, you should prefix with the app key, for example @Include myapp.MyScript.

  • Save button works on non-main scripts.

  • The console is displayed when an error occurs in a script.

  • Regression on smart document display is fixed.

  • You can rename a script resource in the UI.

Technical Changes

Branch and Universe Removed

The notions of branch and universe were removed from P6 Core.

In the database, the following tables were deleted:

  • universe
  • role
  • menu
  • routingrule
  • transformer

Removed Dead Code

There’s a lot of dead code that got removed in this release, most importantly:

  • All support for adapters
  • All support for transformers
  • Unused DAOs
  • The notion of syncPlanName

Removed Unused Dependencies

Many unused libraries (mostly used by the old b2box UI) were removed from the classpath.