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P6 Core 6.0.0

Release date: Thursday, 9th of January 2020

Documentation can be found here.

This is a major release that introduces some breaking changes. It is highly recommended that you carefully read the migration guide.


App Config DSL

A brand new DSL called appconfig was added to allow shipping configuration within P6 apps.

Transaction Events

Every P6 Core instance sends events to P6 Console which calculates statistics accessible to a P6 account manager. The Console counts the number of transactions created, updated or deleted over a given period of time. Many other event types could be added in the future.


Camel DSL enriched

A new function processFile() was added to the Camel DSL which mimics the behavior of the old File System Listener.

Also, the destroyRoute() function no longer throws an exception when a route is not found.

Use official Camel Web3j routes

This release is aligned with the official Camel Web3j module. Therefore many custom headers that were added in previous versions were removed. Please check the migration guide for more information.

Route definition UI revisited

The route definition UI was reworked and route templates were revamped.

Enabled property of service items removed

It wasn’t a used feature and it created confusion in the Routes service UI.


The tutorials provided in the documentation were dramatically enhanced. New documentation was added to help monitor a P6 Core instance, as well as SSO configuration examples.

Technical Changes

Startup logs enhanced

When you start an instance, many new logs were added especially related to the DB driver…

Environment variables that start with B2BOX were renamed

Please check the migration guide for more information.

JCR support removed

Bug Fixes

This release ports all bug fixes from the 5.24.X branch. And fixes the extra following bugs:

  • 500 errors when installing/uninstalling an application
  • Internal script cache errors
  • Errors in the portal when a stored procedure takes more than a minute to execute
  • Transaction import results were not displayed
  • Critical bug with p6rest Camel routes
  • Various fixes to the P6 application development model (data types…)
  • Various fixes to P6 sync
  • Various fixes to the workflowsteps service