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P6 Core 6.0.1

Release date: Monday, 9th of March 2020

Documentation can be found here.

This is a major release that introduces some breaking changes. It is highly recommended that you carefully read the migration guide.


This release features the first milestone of making P6 Core run in cluster mode: Jobs can safely run in a cluster.


  • Many enhancements to Swagger annotations were introduced making the Swagger spec more reliable.
  • The EthereumRPC DSL was decoupled from the Table DSL, check the migration guide for more details.
  • Documentation was enriched especially for workflows.
  • When an app is upgraded (uninstalled then reinstalled), the state of its route is saved and restored.

Technical Changes

This releases no longer uses the Oracle JDK but moves to OpenJDK 8 JRE. This can potentially introduce issues, please carefully read the migration guide for more details. Also, a major internal refactoring was done to reduce code duplication in services.

Bug Fixes

This release ports all bug fixes from the 5.24.X branch. And fixes the extra following bugs:

  • Regression on application creation when done from the Console.
  • Various fixes around REST routes.
  • Various issues when pushing an app via P6 Sync.
  • Issue with the automatic un-installation of an app following a failed installation.