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P6 Core 6.0.2

Release date: Wednesday, 25th of March 2020

Documentation can be found here.


  • I18N fields enhanced in all screens.
  • Simplify the Stored Procedures service UI by hiding unused columns.


  • Raise timeouts on Camel calls to 1 minute.
  • Create new indexes for transactions of type TransactionInfo.

Technical Changes

  • Sonar is leveraged to fix many bugs and code smells.
  • Add types to job context arguments.
  • More type-safe Swagger annotations by referencing implementation classes rather than strings.

Bug Fixes

This release ports all bug fixes from the 5.24.X branch, and fixes the extra following bugs:

  • Many regressions in the Scripts service and UI.
  • Regression in the Stored Procedures service.
  • Warnings in the Workflow Steps service.
  • Application data not synchronized from application profiles.
  • Broken links in Routes service documentation.