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P6 Core 6.0.3

Release date: Wednesday, 1st of April 2020

Documentation can be found here.

This is a major release that introduces some breaking changes. It is highly recommended that you carefully read the migration guide.


  • The API returns HTTP security headers thus reducing the attack surface on the consumer end.
  • Remove field type from views and simplify the UI accordingly.
  • Update the documentation with an example of sending a file via Camel FTP.

Technical Changes

  • General internal renaming of packages and modules from b2box to p6core.
  • The content type of variables injected in the pipeline changed as follows:

    • application/b2box.itempk -> application/p6core.itempk
    • application/b2box.dom -> application/p6core.dom
    • application/b2box.i18n -> application/p6core.i18n

Bug Fixes

This release fixes the following bugs:

  • Regression: p6.pipeline.getPk() failing.
  • Regression: impossible to create a data model.
  • Regression: impossible to reprocess a transaction.
  • Regression: cannot display and edit home pages.
  • Regression: infinite loop when installing / uninstalling an application.
  • Swagger annotations not populated correctly.
  • Duplicate app profile error when packaging an app.