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P6 Core 6.4.0

Release date: Wednesday, 3rd of February 2021

Documentation can be found here.

This release introduces some breaking changes. We recommended that you carefully read the migration guide.


Many features were added to this release. First, applications can bundle and deploy permission sets. The Permissions DSL was enriched for that purpose.

A new Views DSL was introduced.

A function to execute a stored procedure without returning a result was added to the Stored Procedures DSL.

Finally, indexes are now generated automatically from views and table definitions. Every time you finish editing a table definition or a view, you can generate relevant indexes thanks to a new button added for that purpose. This process is launched automatically upon application installation / uninstallation for views and tables shipped by the app.


  • Home page charts: Mouse-over and hover events cause unnecessary back end calls to refresh the data sources
  • Limit the number of columns that can be used as keys in the table definition screen
  • Excel export takes into account the column type

Technical Changes

  • Pulsar client upgraded
  • The use of conf property p6.realm is replaced with p6auth.realm.default

Bug Fixes

  • Cannot download transaction documents via URIs
  • Empty Routes tab following refresh
  • Starting a route deployment script doesn’t give the right feedback
  • 500 error when stopping a route deployment script via the Stop Job button
  • Licence violation email: instance admins not identified so no email sent
  • Multiple fixes to the Swagger specification
  • No unicity check on column names when creating/updating a table definition
  • Wrong wording on Routing Order search panel
  • Service UI ExportAll action fails if two service items have the same name but have different app keys
  • Home Pages don’t display correctly
  • Add template to xss.json.ignoredKeys reference.conf