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P6 Core 6.4.3

Release date: Monday, 8th of March 2021

Documentation can be found here.

This release introduces some breaking changes. We recommend that you carefully read the migration guide.


There are 2 major improvements in this release:

  • The first is moving away from Web Components in the Counter Service UI and adopt Ant Design Components.
  • Produced Docker images are signed and scanned for vulnerabilities with many vulnerabilities resolved.

Other improvements include:

  • Add instance name/id to licence violation email (when pulsar sends fail)
  • Update Swagger’s version

Bug Fixes

  • Cannot save changes to Routes
  • Counters should take into account user permissions and app settings
  • Unable to cancel a rename
  • Unable to log into Hawtio
  • /openapi endpoint no longer producing an info{} section
  • Licence violation emails sent when large batches of transaction loaded (>2000 transaction in a batch)
  • Empty input column after removing a column inside a table definition
  • When a counter is synchronized, the synchronization data is not updated in the tabs
  • Script edit pane does not fill the browser in the vertical (same when in full screen mode)
  • Home pages are all set to custom configuration
  • Error while saving an homepage
  • View and routing order DSLs are not correctly displayed in doc