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Create & assign an app profile


To run this tutorial, you must have a Platform 6 account.
If you don’t, please follow instructions from the ‘Create your account’ page.
You shall also have configured at least one instance on P6 Console.

About App Profiles

You need to have an application profile for each application you want to package.

Packaging an app is not mandatory. You may well create an app on one instance, then import all service items to another instance (leveraging the export/import features offered by Platform 6 or thanks to P6 Sync). Now, if you want to distribute your app to a large set of instances, and/or are willing to leverage the various benefits coming with a packaged app (pre-install and post-install scripts, bundled resources, app configuration, etc…), then packaging your app is the way to go.

Once created, the app profile needs to be assigned to the instance(s) on which the app is developed. Having an app profile assigned to an instance will allow you to:

  • Tag the service items you create with the related application key
  • Package the app, once your development work is finalized

Create an App Profile

Click on the ‘Application Profiles‘ menu entry, then on the ‘Add‘ button.

Enter your application key (no spaces allowed) and its name in English. Optionally, you can enter your app name in other languages.
We advise you upload a logo for your app; it is not required, but so much nicer!

Add an app profile

Assign an App Profile

An app profile must be assigned to one of your instances if you want to use it. After you have added your app profile, you will be back on the page listing all your app profiles. The app profile you just added will show a “No instance yet” comment, so just hit the ‘Assign‘ button to define which instance(s) the app profile shall be assigned to.

List of app profiles


When assigned or unassigned, there is a delay of 6 minutes (defined in P6Auth) before it is visible in Platform6.

Edit an App Profile

To edit an app profile, double-click on the related row or click on the pen icon. Once you have made your edits, hit the ‘Save‘ button.