Create your account

In order to get started with Platform 6, the first thing you need to do is to sign up on P6 Console and create your Platform 6 account.

Having a Platform 6 account will allow you to declare your instances, create and assign application profiles, add and manage P6 Console users…

So go to, then click the two check-boxes (after reading the ‘Terms & Conditions’ and the ‘Data Protection Agreement’) and connect using either a GitHub or a Google account.

P6 Console Sign-up page


For now, the sign-up process requires a GitHub account or a Google account.
Once signed in, you will have the opportunity to create additional users who will be able to log in with their email address and a password from the page.

After automatically provisioning your user, P6 Console will prompt you to complete your company/organization’s details:

P6 Account to be completed

Enter your company/organization name, upload its logo, fill in the billing address and save.

Once this done, your account is completed and you may proceed to install your first P6 instance.