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Install/uninstall apps

Packaged P6 applications can be installed and uninstalled via the Applications service.

Installing an Application

To install an application, click on the Import button, select the your .p6app file (packaged P6 application) from the file system and upload it. The upload process will verify the signature of the Application Publisher, and once the bundle is verified, install the application.

Application installation unpacks all service configuration items and saves them on the instance. It also optionally runs script modules allowing for pre- and post- installation customisation.


Services that are known to require a restart to force them to reload their configuration will be automatically restarted after the post-installation script execution completes. Auto restarting services include: Routes, Workflow Steps and Transactions.


Expired applications cannot be installed.

Uninstalling an Application

To uninstall an application, just click on the orange ‘Switch’ icon in the ‘Actions’ column. The uninstallation process will start immediately, deleting all service items & resources related to the app and running the uninstallation script if one was packaged in the app.