b2box 5.18.0

Release date: Monday, 4th September, 2018

There are lots of breaking changes in this release, please read carefully the note!


Manage services execution lifecycle

Some services need to be restarted to take into account changes in the service’s database. Thus, we’ve implemented like on the old user interface, for all the services, a status header.

Read the Service Status header section for more information.

New Counters service

A new service named Counters has been created. It will replace the current web app on the old user interface which has been removed in this release.

For different reasons, the counter’s properties have changed:

  • since there are no more real time updates, the property enabled has been removed of the counter model.
  • the CRON expression has also been removed. You can handle counters scheduling through the Routes service, more information in Counters scheduling.

Therefore during the counters migration, a route, named CountersScheduling, has automatically been created to schedule all the counters with their former CRON expressions.

You’ll find the user guide of the service here.


  • It is advice BEFORE the instance migration to clear the database table b2head.serviceconfig from any item which property id3 is equal to counters.
  • If after the migration, you can’t find the CountersScheduling route, delete all the counters and restart the instance to repeat the counters migration.

New Home service

The dashboard also known as Home has been redesigned.



The permissions have changed:

  • the permissions feature is no longer home but homepages.
  • the permission home=configure became homepages=edit.

All the Home permissions are summarized in the All Platform 6 permissions section.

Frames service

The frames can no longer be managed on the Home user interface. A new service named Frames has been created to visualise and edit frames. The items have been automatically migrated from the old Home to the new service.

You’ll find the user guide of the Frames service here.


It is advice BEFORE the instance migration to clear the database table b2head.serviceconfig from any item which property id3 is equal to frames.

You must also:

  • for each frame, update the property Id such that it has the same value than Name (you might need to check that your home configurations still display the frame).
  • ensure that all the frames names are unique.

New design

In addition, the user interface of the Home has been rethought to ease the customisation and the edition of home pages. Read the Home guide to understand the new design.

New Workflow Steps service

The Workflow adapter has been replaced by the Workflow Steps service. It’s not possible anymore to edit the workflow steps on the old user interface, the items have been migrated in the new service displayed on the Portal.

The Workflow Steps guide will explain how to configure workflow steps.


Breaking changes:

  1. With the replacement of the transformers by scripts, some workflow steps XML nodes have changed. From now on, every attribute named transformer has been renamed into script.

    You’ll find here the new Workflow XML configuration definition.

    However, even if the transformers attributes are deprecated, they are still supported.

  2. Since the service’s name has changed into workflowsteps, you’ll need to update all the routes calling the Workflow Steps service.

    Therefore, this route:

    from('direct:p6router.WFTest').to( 'p6route://workflow')


    from('direct:p6router.WFTest').to( 'p6route://workflowsteps')

  3. The permission to allow access to the work items has changed: you need in addition of workflow=read to have the permission workflowsteps=read.

New Camel component

The Camel FTP2 component has been pre-installed in the Platform 6 instance.

See the FTP2 section for further information.



The documentation has been restructured. The main changes are:

  • Introduction has been renamed into Discover Platform 6.
  • Publisher guide has been renamed into Package an App.
  • User guide and Developer guide have been merged and renamed into Develop an App.
  • A new main section, Install Platform 6, has been created. It contains parts of the old Developer guide.
  • The section Architecture (previously in Developer guide) has been added to the Discover Platform 6 section.
  • A new section Components has been created to list all the Camel Routes components.

Routing orders

  • A modal is displayed when the user is reprocessing multiple routing orders. You cannot perform any other action.

Bug fixes


  • An instance can now have the same name than an instance which has been deleted.
  • If you are a super user on an instance, but that you are not assigned to the * instance, you are now able to manage your instance’s permission sets.


  • You are now able to package services items in an application.

Routing orders

  • Dates in the CEST format are now correctly displayed.


  • The annotation @Grab is again made available in the Scripts service (JIRA ticket 1403).
  • The content of a script created on the instance A will no longer replace the content of a script with the same name created on the instance B.