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P6 Core 5.21.0

Release date: Tuesday, 14th November, 2018

Documentation can be found here.


Email service

A new service named Email was created, it will replace the current SMTP client adapter on the old user interface, which was removed in this release.

During migration, a default email profile is created with the properties inherited from the SMTP adapter configuration.

You’ll find the user guide of the service here.

Charges test-only mode

Unless the Charges services is enabled and configured, it now starts in demo mode allowing charge rules to be evaluated in Test mode.



The Workflow section was restructured: the Workflow Steps and the Workflow Tasks guides have been merged and a new diagram has been added in the Workflow overview to explain the workflow logic.

Applications UI

  • The applications are split into two grids: those under development and those packaged.

    Applications grids

  • The grid which displays the available services items was improved.
  • The width of the service card was increased such as the service’s identifier is displayed on a single line.
  • The total number of services items is now displayed on the service card.

    Service card

Charges UI

  • The instance account overview is now collapsed as default.
  • The unpaid charges grid columns headers were improved.

Routing Orders UI

  • The label Queue is renamed into State and Concept into Item Type.

    Routing Orders search labels

  • Responsive design was implemented for the routing orders grid.

Bug fixes


  • Bundled resources are now correctly packaged with an application. You should not have any issues to install them.
  • You’ll be alerted if you try to package an un-existing service item (the item has been deleted or renamed).

PGSQL manager

We fixed an error which broke the PSQL manager. This was introduced in the 5.20.1 release. You should no longer see the following error in the logs.

2018-10-30 07:55:58,915 ERROR [com.amalto.b2box.core.impl.ObjectCtrlImpl] (main) Unable to store the Object  .work.logging_event.01398170db8111e893b10242ac0d0003-20181029T134636m714 (

According to the way the table’s data are indexed, some entries were duplicated in the search results. The search query generated was corrected.

Transactions permissions

You no longer need the admin permission (transactions=*) to perform an action on a workflow task or on a transaction. All permissions related to transactions are described in the Transactions guide.

Workflow Steps

  • Memory workflow steps are now saved by its whole identifier (name & application key) and not only by name.
  • The workflow.localeText DSL method returns now the correct internationalized labels map.