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P6 Core 5.24.0

Release date: Thursday, 14th February, 2019

Documentation can be found here.


Multi service items actions

You can now perform an action on several service items by right-clicking on the data grid’s lines.

Multi items actions

Transactions & Workflow Tasks import/export

The old UI provided a general import and export capability via command buttons on the footer of the display grid. A bunch of transactions could be imported/exported as a single .b2b file. This functionality is now ported to the Portal for the Transactions and the Workflow Tasks.

Transactions & Workflow Tasks import/export

You can now build an OR expression if the user’s permissions are like the following:


Compatibility with P6 Sync

This Platform 6 version is compatible with the first version of P6 Sync, the new tool for syncing instance configuration on disc. However, this command line tool is still a work in progress and not released yet.



A new button was added in the application edit form to remove a service’s item from your package’s items selection.

Remove a service's item


The <Xpath> value in the <Searchable> example was corrected in the Transactions guide/Permissions section.


A listener script can now leverage the smart contract classes generated by Web3j to have a type-safe representation of the Ethereum event.


The user interface of the service is greatly improved and should be faster to handle large scripts.

Bug fixes


  • A concurrent modification exception after adding multiple charge rules covering all CMB messages for all services was fixed.
  • If a target service is not selected when creating a charge point, Hazelcast no longer throws an NPE exception.
  • The ability to configure externally timeouts for slow startup responses from Parity was added.


Routing Orders

Double clicking on a routing order will redirect to the associated tab if it’s already open.