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Workflow Tasks Guide

Platform 6 offers a Workflow feature that can support processes requiring actions from users.

The Workflow Tasks search operates the same way than the Transactions service. Please refer to the Transactions service features to have a bette control of the user interface.


User cases related to B2B transactions can be quite diverse:

  • Review and update (if need be) of outbound transactions such as service entry sheets or invoices.
    • Adding or removing attachments.
    • Adding or updating customer-related values (cost center, approver …).
  • Update and resubmission of rejected or disputed transactions such as invoices.
  • Approval of incoming purchase orders or invoices.

Additional (non-transaction related) processes can also benefit from the feature.

Workflow tasks

Each action button leads to a configurable pop-up window. Action popup windows can contain info, input fields, drop-down lists, check boxes, date widgets…

Custom form

You can apply an action to several workflow tasks if:

  • they all belong to the same workflow step definition,
  • they have common workflow actions,
  • these actions are configured with an allowMultiAction attribute.

Multi Workflow Tasks


Only thetransactions=allow('WORKFLOW_VIEW_NAME'(*)) permission is required to access the Workflow Tasks menu entry.

Have a look also at the Workflow tasks permissions to be more specific in the tasks filtering.