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Web3 Besu


A helper layer over the Hyperledger Besu Blockchain API: web3j-besu


Binding name: p6.web3besu


This is a static value that can be used in various web3j calls that require a ContractGasProvider.

This value provider specifies zero gas price with a maximum gas of three million.

Method: Besu build(final String url)

Build an instance of a Besu object (extension of Web3j) using the supplied node URL to build an HttpService connection.


You can use the core Web3j Besu instance build methods using UnixIpcService or WindowsIpcService for a more efficient ‘same host’ connection.

Method: Base64String findPrivacyGroup(final Besu node, final Base64String targetGroup, final Base64String... memberKeys) throws P6Exception

Find the privacy group using the supplied Besu instance, member keys and target group id.

Method: BesuPrivateTransactionManager buildPrivateTransactionManager(final Besu node, final Credentials credentials, final Base64String privateFrom, final Base64String privateToGroup)

Create a private transaction manager using the Besu instance, Credentials and From/To Ids.


The transaction manager created uses the ZERO_GAS_PROVIDER.


 * Hyperledger Besu example requires besu-quickstart.git (
 * running locally plus a demo-app-smart-contract-x.x.jar deployed in P6_DATA/lib
 * See: for build instructions.
 * The Besu privacy quickstart starts up three nodes with their associated Orion instances, 
 * which will henceforth be called Alice, Bob and Charlie for ease of use
 * @import _BesuImports

def ALICE_ENCLAVE_KEY = Base64String.wrap('A1aVtMxLCUHmBVHXoZzzBgPbW/wj5axDpW9X8l91SGo=')
def BOB_ENCLAVE_KEY = Base64String.wrap('Ko2bVqD+nNlNYL5EE7y3IdOnviftjiizpjRt+HTuFBs=')

def nodeAlice ="http://localhost:20000") 'Alice node: ' + nodeAlice.web3ClientVersion().send().getWeb3ClientVersion()

def nodeBob ="http://localhost:20002") 'Bob node: ' + nodeBob.web3ClientVersion().send().getWeb3ClientVersion()

def credentialsAlice = Credentials.create("8f2a55949038a9610f50fb23b5883af3b4ecb3c3bb792cbcefbd1542c692be63")

// Create a new 'Demo' privacy group as Alice
def privacyGroup = nodeAlice.privCreatePrivacyGroup( Arrays.asList(ALICE_ENCLAVE_KEY, BOB_ENCLAVE_KEY), 'DemoGroup', 'Platform 6 Demonstration Group').send() 'Privacy group created by Alice: ' + privacyGroup.getPrivacyGroupId()

// Find the privacy group that was just built by Alice from Bob's node
def privacyGroupIdFromBobNode = p6.web3besu.findPrivacyGroup(nodeBob, privacyGroup.getPrivacyGroupId(), ALICE_ENCLAVE_KEY, BOB_ENCLAVE_KEY) 'Found privacy group as Bob: ' + privacyGroupIdFromBobNode

// Create two private transaction manager instances for Alice and Bob in order to interact with smart contracts
def txmAlice =  p6.web3besu.buildPrivateTransactionManager(nodeAlice, credentialsAlice, ALICE_ENCLAVE_KEY, privacyGroup.getPrivacyGroupId())

def credentialsBob = Credentials.create("c87509a1c067bbde78beb793e6fa76530b6382a4c0241e5e4a9ec0a0f44dc0d3")
def txmBob = p6.web3besu.buildPrivateTransactionManager(nodeBob, credentialsBob, BOB_ENCLAVE_KEY, privacyGroupIdFromBobNode)

// Deploy the contract from Alice's node giving initial value of 42!
def ssContractAlice = SimpleStorage.deploy(nodeAlice, txmAlice, p6.web3besu.ZERO_GAS_PROVIDER, BigInteger.valueOf(42)).send() 'Contract deployed, address:' + ssContractAlice.getContractAddress()

// Get an instance of the contact from Bob's node
def ssContractBob = SimpleStorage.load(ssContractAlice.getContractAddress(), nodeBob, txmBob, p6.web3besu.ZERO_GAS_PROVIDER) 'Contract loaded by Bob, address:' + ssContractBob.getContractAddress()

ssContractBob.get().send() 'Bob called contract.get()'

Besu Imports

import org.web3j.tx.response.PollingPrivateTransactionReceiptProcessor
import org.web3j.tx.gas.BesuPrivacyGasProvider
import org.web3j.crypto.Wallet
import org.web3j.protocol.core.methods.response.Web3ClientVersion
import org.web3j.utils.Base64String
import org.web3j.crypto.Credentials


log.debug '---Starting---'