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P6 Core 6.1.1

Release date: Wednesday, 27th of May 2020

Documentation can be found here.

This is a major release that introduces some breaking changes and deprecations. We recommended that you carefully read the migration guide.


This release features performance improvements in the following areas:

  • Optimize the Entity Cache management.
  • Clean EHCache entries.

Technical Changes

This release ships with many technical changes:

  • <AllowMessageEdit> mode is deprecated in favor of <AllowTransactionEdit> in workflow step definitions.
  • P6Exception became immutable.
  • Rely on P6 Common and remove dependencies to old projects.
  • Rename B2 prefixed classes to P6.
  • log DSL bound to p6 namespace.
  • Workflow steps service: Change all references (in code, comments and messages) from transformer to script.

Bug Fixes

This release fixes the following bugs:

  • Home pages service: permission homepages=read('Home') no longer shows the Home page only.
  • Getting the routes service status infinite loop.
  • You cannot display more than 50 elements on the tables service.
  • Workflow tasks should not generate transaction events.
  • Remove unused enabled attribute in UI / Unrecognized field enabled error when creating a new email profile.
  • Transactions service reprocess with errors.