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P6 Core 6.0.0-beta-2

Release date: Monday, 14th of October 2019

Documentation can be found here.

This is a major release that introduces some breaking changes. It is highly recommended that you carefully read the migration guide.


Message submit

Also called transaction submit, was a feature that temporarily disappeared, is now back.

New transaction manager for the Ethereum DSL

Two new transaction managers were introduced in the Ethereum RPC DSL, both regularly poll the blockchain for updates:

  • One is blocking and will attempt polling for the transaction receipt a given number of times before returning.
  • The other takes a callback as a parameter that gets called when the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain.

Therefore, the defaultTransactionManager was renamed to noOpTransactionManager, because it doesn’t poll and returns immediately an empty transaction receipt.

Scripts DSL enriched

A new exists() function was added to the Scripts DSL. The function moduleNames() was renamed to list().



Documentation was fully revamped in this release, with many new pages, a tutorial for the demo app… Also, it is now versioned! To see any doc of a past release, simply go to the corresponding release notes page and follow the link at the top.

JAR bundled resources

JAR bundled resource classes are added automatically to the main classpath when deployed through the DSL. However, removing them requires a restart of the instance.

Excel DSL

The fromXml() function reevaluates all formula cells after cells are modified.


Logs were enriched on startup to ease production support. A lot of information was added such as the instance id, JVM classpath and more…

P6 configuration normalized

Check the migration guide for more details.

This reordering is meant for better user experience.

Permissions are more consistent

Many inconsistencies with permissions were fixed. Please check the migration guide for more details.

Permissions are also enforced more consistently thanks to user details being passed from all secure endpoints to downstream processes.

UI enhancements

The install / uninstall buttons for applications were merged. Since Typescript resources are no longer supported, all references to them in the UI were removed.

Technical Changes

DSL implementations migrated to Java

Module Resources was the last DSL implemented in Groovy, it got ported to Java.

Bug Fixes

This release ports all bug fixes from the 5.24.X branch. And fixes the extra following bugs:

  • Sorting on application names was not working
  • Application data was not cleaned when installation failed