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Set your default app profile


To run this tutorial, you must have created a application profile, and assigned it to a running instance.

Select an App Profile

Log in to P6 Portal. If you have configured multiple instances, select the one you want to work on (in the INSTANCE list). If there is at least one app profile assigned to the instance you are connected to, a drill-down menu will show in the top bar of the Portal, to the left of your user account. By default, no app profile is selected so here is what you see:

App Profile selector - none selected

Select the application you want to work on. Once an application has been selected, all the service items you will create will be tagged with the corresponding app key.

Note that, if you created a service item before selecting your application from the top menu, you just need to duplicate this item and rename it (two service items can carry the same name, provided they are not linked to the same app). The newly created item will be tagged with the app key.