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Using the Groovy DSL service, you can perform request and response exchanges with built-in Platform 6 services.

Here are the services which expose an API through the bus:


No specific user permissions are required to perform a request to a service.


Each request has a header and carries the information of the request. In order to audit the user performing the action, two parameters are added to every request:

Headers of the request

Header’s key Description Value
platform6.request.user The user performing the action String
platform6.request.user.permissions The permissions of the user performing the action String or null

The user performing the action can be:

  • Anonymous:

    • platform6.request.user => “
    • platform6.request.user.permissions => empty string
  • Authenticated:

    • platform6.request.user => “
    • platform6.request.user.permissions => “permissions string”


    If the platform6.request.user.permissions header is null it means we have not managed to retrieve the permissions.


More information about permissions can be found in the Scopes & Permissions section.